Our Philosophy

I’m sailing more than three decades in lake Balaton or at sea, both in cruising and racing conditions. As a sailor and engineer I always interested in developing tailor-made solutions for a yacht owner, skipper or navigator to improve safety and comfort at sea or increase performance during a race. 

Based on our vast experience, we started to design and install navigation and power systems into sailing and motor yachts, later on also electric propulsion boats, motorhomes, horse trucks, and special vehicles. Today SEAHUN provide a wide range of services in the yachting industry such as complete design, installation, programming and servicing of electric and navigation systems, new and used yacht brokerage, electronic and navigational devices retail and wholesale and consulting.


As active sailors we know exactly the level of stress put on electronic devices at sea, therefore we work with top quality brands only and install devices with mastery and rigorous precise. Today technology allow us solutions that never seen before: for example a digital switching setup can monitor and manage the complete electronic system from a single intelligent screen, including navigation, power and propulsion, lights and entertainment, practically everything that uses electricity. All with a push-button from your smart phone.

But keep in mind: electronic navigation and instruments are essential on a yacht, their reliable operation is a must, but electronic devices not deputize only support us.  

The decisions and responsibility remain in our hands, the captains!

László Fekete

general manager

Our Partners